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Our Mission

Kingman's mission is to provide young people with educational, cultural, athletic, recreational, and employment opportunities that will help them become successful and socially responsible adults. This mission has been upheld since its humble beginnings and continues to this day.

Richard Peters

The growth of Kingman since its founding by businessman Richard Peters and five fellow Rotarians in 1969 is the story of a proud D.C. community that wasn’t willing to accept its fate when events on the streets of Logan Circle after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King appeared as if they might literally rip the fabric of the community to pieces. Rather than leaving the neighborhood to decay as so many others did at the time, Peters brought together local clergy, business leaders, and even ex-Georgetown coach John Thompson and pledged that this community would overcome.

Regin Espenshade

Regina Espenshade was a retired federal executive of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. She was a passionate advocate for underprivileged children, especially their education and personal development. Her association with Kingman began as an after-school tutor, and later she served on the Board of Directors from 1996 until her passing in 2023. Espenshade was particularly focused on Kingman's education programs and was dedicated to monitoring and documenting the steady improvements in the academic achievements of our students.

Aaron Webster

Aaron C. Webster dedicated more than five (5) decades of his life to serving as the Executive Director of Kingman until his retirement in February 2022. Mr. Webster joined the club one year after its establishment and eventually became its director in 1978. Throughout his lengthy tenure at the Boys & Girls Club, Mr. Webster remained steadfast in his commitment to nurturing young people and helping them succeed both in sports and in life.

Under Mr. Webster's leadership, Kingman transformed into a safe haven and second home for many youths in the area, including his own children, grandchildren, and extended family. After realizing his calling, he played a crucial role in establishing a place that has done a lot of good for many people, guiding them in both athletics and academics. Mr. Webster's impact extends beyond sports programs, creating a transformative space for youth in the community. It has helped to groom educated professionals and community leaders who have contributed positively to the quality of life in the nation's capital and beyond.

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Our Vision

Kingman Boys and Girls Club is dedicated to:

  • Making a positive difference in children’s lives
  • Creating confident and motivated learners
  • Fostering a perspective on sports as an enjoyable outlet but not a primary avenue to future success
  • Broadening cultural awareness, perceptions, and understanding
  • Providing a safe, nurturing environment that promotes peace of mind among both the children attending Kingman and their parents
  • Contributing to community stability, quality, and continuity.